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July 2015



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Jul. 8th, 2015

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It's not that I have that many secrets or anything, but I'd rather be able to control (for the most part) whose reading into my life. It's mostly drawings and such under the friends only cuts... 'cause I'm cool that way.

Natch, a lot of entries will be open to the public - because it seems so paranoid to me to have it all under lock and key. That and I like to share my stupidity. Ha cha! It's mostly fandom, personal and general geekiness that gets hidden under the friends lock.

Um, guidelines?

+ Have something in common with me.
+ You don't write everything in that obnoxious chat speak.
+ Love me and I'll love you.
+ If you want my help with something, feel free to ask (lj questions, child bearing, etc.).
+ Don't add me if all your posts consist of nothing but quiz results. I'd like to know YOU, not the pizza topping you are most like!

Jul. 29th, 2010

guilty minds


There is something seriously sad about how rent for a room in Bridgewater is the same for Halifax when the fare is so substantially different. When I lived in Halifax, 450 was average fair, for a relatively nice room or for a share in a flat. Nicky for example, is paying a bit higher than that for a spacious bedroom in a Victorian era home minutes away from Dalhousie. Meanwhile, in Bridgewater... they are charging the same prices for one bedroom in a basement that looks like it was last renovated in the 60s. And some of the houses and rooms advertised look simply slummish. I imagine it is the lack of selection in town that drives the prices so high, but with a complete lack of affordable housing for lower income families and for students, it really is disgusting. I mean, the slum apartments on Jubilee are over 500 and they are decreipt and poorly maintained. Oh! And whose bright idea is it to put higher income apartments RIGHT next to the lower income ones just down the hill? It seems to me that it would be more ideal to spread the apartment complexes out in town and keep the population distribution more even. Or at least have a decent grocery store near by that isn't run by robots (again, why put housing in an area where they are going to have to drive for ten minutes to buy food?).

Oh, and lady? 3 km is NOT a fifteen minute walk from the school. Anything PAST Hollingsworth Dr is not a fifteen minute walk away from ANYTHING. Fifteen minutes of driving more likely, when the lights are against you. I'm so tempting to e-mail her simply to complain about the false advertising and gross miscalculation.

Jul. 24th, 2010

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Sometimes I feel like a huge hypocrite when I hear about someone naming their kid "Destinee" or "Skye" and wince, knowing full well that the probability that my future child will be named something like "Link" or "Maeve" or "Caesar" is unfortunately high.

Maybe it's just the ridiculous spellings of the names. And any name that is jewel or automobile related that I am against. It just screams materialism and poor grammar.

...okay, I'm done.